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Substancer abuse and addiction alters one
Substance abuse and addiction alters one's perception of self and the world around them. The correct treatment restores that perception of self and the world.
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TSO realizes that substance abuse and addiction affects those closest to the addicted person and offers treatment services for family members and other loved ones to help restore their managebility and peace of mind.

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TSO can help bring loved ones back together and mend those broken ties due to addiction.
TSO can help mend those strained or broken relationships caused by addiction and bring loves ones back together.
Addiction can feel like a puzzle with all the pieces missing or jumbled. TSO can help put the puzzle back together for the addicted person and loved ones.
There are solutions for the nightmare of addiction and TSO can help solve your addiction issues and help set you on the path to recovery.
TSO Administrative office. Please call for treatment options and other information (740) 446-6471. You will be happy you did.